Boothbay Harbor Antiques

Guide to Antiques in Boothbay

From folk art to furniture, jewelry to tools, Boothbay Harbor and the surrounding towns are full of great places to indulge in some antiquing. Not only are there a number of great shops to look around in, there are two amazing auction houses that hold frequent auctions, and are open for sales and appraisals on a regular basis

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Maine Golf Course

Golfing in Boothbay Harbor

For many, booking a vacation also means booking some time on the golf course. Maine is home to a number of phenomenal courses, and if you’re a golfing enthusiast, Boothbay Harbor is a fantastic place to visit. The courses local to the Boothbay Harbor area feature rolling hills, challenging holes and beautiful surroundings

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Fresh Summer Corn

Time for the Farmer’s Market!

The farmers’ market is a great place for kids. Not only to they have the opportunity to meet local food growers and producers, but it often instills a love for healthy eating in them for years to come. Exposing kids to even slight variations in their regular food habits, like a loaf of Cardamom Raisin from Borealis instead of the traditional Cinnamon Raisin

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